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>Betty McKinne
Lost Landscapes
Aug 22 - Oct 7

Opening: 8/22/16 @ 7 pm

Betty Chauvin Hochenedel McKinne was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 1920. She received her BFA degree from Sophie Newcomb College in New Orleans. Majoring in ceramics, she also studied painting and drawing with noted teacher and artist Will Henry Stevens.

After graduating in 1941, she taught art and art history at St. Mary’s School in Raleigh. While there, she met Collin McKinne, and after a wartime marriage they settled in his hometown of Louisburg.

Although Betty McKinne was recognized locally for her contributions to historic preservation, as well as for her accomplishments in gardening and garden design, her education and abilities in fine art were unknown to many.

Curator's Statement

The work in Lost Landscapes was produced from approximately 1966 to 1973. Betty McKinne was prescient in recognizing that her primary subjects, open rural landscapes in Franklin County and eighteenth- and nineteenth- century buildings, could someday be lost to development and changes in agriculture in the county and state. She saw beauty in the decaying structures and wanted to ensure that these places and the histories they depict were not forgotten. Here, nearly fifty years later, her drawings are exhibited together for the first time.

Elizabeth McKinne

>Dr. Tim Christensen
Astrophotography, Capturing Photons in N C
Oct 13 - Nov 23

Opening: 10/13/16 @ 7 pm

My name is Tim Christensen. By day I am a Molecular Geneticist and a professor at East Carolina University. By night I’m an artist that has been heavily influenced by my scientific training. To a scientist, images are "data." Standing in both art and science worlds, I attempt to convey the art of the data. I recognize that even a "scientific image" is produced and interpreted by a person who brings their sensibilities to the image. In capturing light from our galaxy and beyond, I stay true to the data while emphasizing the aspects of the image that inspire observers to think about the scale and beauty of our universe.

Each of my works begins with careful planning. As the earth moves around the sun, different objects in the night sky become visible. Dodging the moon and clouds, I collect hours’ worth of exposures using separate color filters. I carefully select a subset of these exposures and “stack” those using software and algorithms to increase the signal in the images. An infinite series of different pictures is possible from each data set. Finding a path to my final images is a complex choreography of math, my sensibilities as an artist/scientist, and the subtleties of the subject.

For more information visit www.astrowimp.com

>Winter Student Art Show
Drawing / Ceramics / Creative Writing
Dec 5 (Reading Day) One Night Only

Opening: 12/5/16 @ 7 pm

The Winter Student Art Show offers a selection of works created by Louisburg College studio art students taught by Will Hinton in the 2016 Fall Semester. Drawings and paintings will be on display by the Drawing Class. The Ceramics/Pottery class will share both functional earthenware pottery and sculptural/Mosaic works. This evening is also shared by Tommy Jenkins’ Creative Writing Class students.

>Everett Mayo
Fifty Years....And Still Evolving
Jan 17 - Mar 3

Opening: 1/17/17 @ 7 pm

Twenty-four years a professor, gallery director and curator at North Carolina Wesleyan University, Professor Mayo received a semester sabbatical in the Spring Semester of 2015. This time away from academics enabled Mr. Mayo to create new works and reflect on his being a visual artist for the past 50 years.

First exhibiting in 1966, Mayo has continually challenged himself, not only technically but in subject matter, either observed in nature, imaginary, or abstract. He maintained working studios in Brooklyn and Manhattan before moving to upstate New York. While his exhibiting career developed for over twenty years, he worked as coordinator in the development of an accredited art school within existing programming traditions at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute, Utica NY; called the Foundation Program which now serves lower division Pratt Institute. Before moving to North Carolina, Everett had worked in Rome and exhibited at the Linea Gallery in Italy and regularly at Chronocide, Helio, Neopersona and WestBroadway galleries in NYC. His work is found in many collections, both public and private, Coca Cola and IBM the most recognizable.

1992 Mr. Mayo was hired to start an Art Minor at Wesleyan and build art bridges to the greater eastern Carolina community; he quickly established an ongoing year round exhibition program, co-designed and established the Four Sisters Gallery of Self-Taught Visionary Art. On top of his dual roles as an academic and also college gallery director and collections curator, but without a viable market for his own art, he more or less had to stop his focus on his own work. The works which are on display reveal a lifetime of questioning, both the actual, and the metaphysical. Everette is an active member of the Franklin County Arts Council, and was awarded Artist of the Year 2015.

>Will Hinton
Nature + Nurture
Mar 14 - Apr 21

Opening: 3/14/17 @ 7 pm

Will Hinton is completing his 34th year of being a one-person Art Department at Louisburg College. He has spent more than half his life teaching our students. He has guided our growth of the Visual Arts into the new Hodges Fine Arts Complex. Each semester Hinton teaches a Clay Studio and a Drawing Studio Course, and an Art Appreciation Lecture class. Each Spring Semester he co-teaches a Film and Art Class with Humanities Division Chair Tommy Jenkins. In addition to his academic responsibilities, Hinton is also the curator of both of our Art Galleries in our Jones Performing Arts Center.

In addition to teaching at Louisburg College, I have been fortunate to have taught also at two of the best craft schools in the nation, Anderson Ranch in Colorado, and Penland School in the mountains of North Carolina. The objects which I create and the stories that I share in any academic setting, range from intimate functional pottery to large scale multi-media permanent Public Art Installations. I encourage the folks I interact with to do some “emotional archeology,” to ponder, draw, and build their stories. At times I have been able to sing and dance and act mine also. I’m a social guy.

Videos of two of my public works, The Louisburg College Labyrinth, and ESSE QUAM VIDERI may be found on-line.

Nature + Nurture refers to an invitation I was raised with, growing up in Gates County, in rural northeastern North Carolina. My early memories are of cypress swamps and my grandma’s quilts; of stacking lumber and cleaning white perch. Those smells and embellished patterns of chicken frying and kudzu growing, sooth me as I reach 60.

>Spring Student Art Show
Drawing / Ceramics / Creative Writing
May 4 - One Night Only

Opening: 5/4/17 @ 7 pm

The Spring Student Art Show offers a selection of works created by Louisburg College studio art students taught by Will Hinton in the 2017 Spring Semester. Drawings and paintings will be on display by both the Drawing and the Painting Class. The Ceramics/Pottery class will share both functional earthenware pottery and sculptural/Mosaic works. This evening is also shared by Tommy Jenkins’ Creative Writing Class students.

Contact: Will Hinton / Prof. of Visual Art
Office Phone - (919)-497-3238
Cell - (919)-495-2270

Betty McKinne House in the Shade

Betty McKinne House in the Shade

Dr. Tim Christensen Cone Nebula

Dr. Tim Christensen Cone Nebula

Julius Shumpert

Julius Shumpert Greed

Everett Mayo

Everett Mayo Red Letters

Will Hinton

Will Hinton Nature + Nurture

Will Hinton
Diego Poole

Diego Poole The Jungle